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You’re driving on the highway, when the person in front of you slams on their breaks. Stuck with nowhere to go, you have three choices: crash into the barrier to the left of you; swerve into the right lane, putting yourself at risk of being t-boned; or rear-end the guy in front of you.

You choose the latter.

Once the damage was done, the facts began to arise. The car causing the accident popped a tire on the highway, creating a four-car accident on one of the busiest interstates around.

Thankfully, one of the drivers contacted Bridgeport Towing Services, a towing company that they have used before, and Bridgeport Towing Services is on the way with one of the most flexible and efficient tow trucks available.


Flatbed tow trucks acquire their name from their bed’s flat appearance, making them the favorable choice for a safe and secure tow. Flatbeds are able to provide extreme accident recovery and vehicle transportation when necessary. The long truck beds provide the space that is needed to efficiently tow multiple vehicles simultaneously in instances where multiple cars breakdown, or two or more vehicle accidents are present – leading to an exceedingly cost-efficient towing approach.


The truck’s empty flatbed is designed to roll back on an angle, effortlessly providing the vehicle with ability to use its own power to drive onto the bed or to be winched up. This allows for the vehicle to be lifted entirely off of the ground, while avoiding any wear or tear that can occur through other towing techniques. After the vehicle has been loaded, the bed will lower back to its resting position – horizontal to ground level. The vehicle is then secured, and is ready to be towed to its desired destination.

With an ability to hoist a vehicle entirely off of the ground onto the truck bed, flatbed trucks are ideal for circumstances where utilizing other means of towing are either not possible due to the current state of the vehicle, or the vehicle’s model and fragile nature of its characteristics. These tows are commonly directed toward classic, exotic or all-wheel drive vehicles, as well as motorcycles, vehicles with very low ground clearance, and auto-accident vehicles that are significantly damaged.


  • Our flatbeds can efficiently transport or tow:
  • Exotic, classic, show and low-rider vehicles
  • Fully dressed motorcycles
  • Forklifts and equipment
  • Vehicles with missing wheels
  • Man-lifts
  • SUVs and all-wheel drive vehicles
  • Assist with unloading vehicles/equipment out of Trailer Containers, or storage


At Bridgeport Towing Services, our flatbed trucks are key in helping us to provide quality service that meets and exceeds clients’ expectations. With a powerful fleet that includes specially-built, low-profile-designed flatbed trucks with a decreased loading angle, we are able to provide the best towing services for heavier, longer, or lower rising vehicles.

Our extensive vehicle knowledge, our state-of-the-art equipment, and our gentle touch while handling vehicles has earned us lifelong, loyal customers and accounts in the Connecticut area—several of which include local, exotic and high-end car dealers who have deemed us their preferred towing company for all of their flatbed transportation and towing needs.

If you are in need of any assisstance, give us a call now at +1 (475) 272-2666


Ever been caught in a ditch?  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  Numerous vehicle owners have had the frustrating experience of having their cars become stuck in a snow bank or ditch.  Worse part is:  most vehicles aren’t equipped to drive out of these types of situations.  These are the times you wish you had access to a winch.

Winching is among the most common and easiest ways of retrieving a stuck vehicle.  Well-equipped towing and recovery companies such as Bridgeport Towing Services should be able to provide reliable and prompt roadside assistance equipped with solid winch capabilities whenever you need it.

But what is winching exactly, and when do you need it? The following is a short overview of winching, including what is involved, when you might need it, and whether it is safe for your car or not.


Winching is a common roadside assistance service that involves using a motorized axle and strong cable to pull a vehicle out of a precarious situation.  A professional roadside assistance service such as Bridgeport Towing hooks a heavy-duty tow cable onto a stable and safe location on the undercarriage of your car.  Where the cable gets hooked will depend on several different factors such as how accessible your vehicle’s undercarriage is in its current situation and your car’s condition.  After your vehicle has been secured with the cable, an electric or hydraulic motor will then pull the cable towards the truck, safely and slowly pulling your car out of the snow bank, ditch or other dangerous situation that it is in.


Winching might be necessary if other roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services are unsafe or fail.  A majority of wrecker services try using conventional towing methods prior to resorting to winch a vehicle from a dangerous situation.  Whenever a vehicle gets stuck on a step incline or a dangerous situation like having suffered serious damage or flood, it might be easier and safer to attach a two cable to the vehicle and winch it to safety instead of driving or towing it out of the situation.

Winching is an effective and safe vehicle recovery method that is offered by a majority of roadside assistance services.  Professional roadside assistance staff have the necessary skill, expertise and training to use winching to retrieve your vehicle without damaging your vehicle or its undercarriage.  In some situations, winching is safer and easier that traditional recovery or towing methods.

For our roadside assistance service, call us at +1 (475) 272-2666 – we will answer immediately!


Sometimes dolly towing services are the way to go. Dolly tow trucks are cheaper to operate and so they may provide a more efficient, cost effective solution. Bridgeport Towing Services is one of the Connecticut’s leading providers of towing services. Among the comprehensive range of towing services we offer are top class dolly towing services at unbeatable rates. We guarantee fast arrival and are always available. When you need a tow in the Connecticut, Bridgeport Towing should be your number one choice. We perform our services with the cooperation of an independently owned and licensed tow truck operators. Our techs are highly professional and are using state of the art equipment.


In the past towing of ordinary vehicles (all types of vehicles driven on roads and highways) was almost always done using dolly tow trucks, this is simply because flatbed tow trucks only became available for commercial use in the mid 1980’s. Once flatbed tow trucks began to be used by towing companies they pushed aside dolly towing until today dolly towing is responsible for only about 10% of all towing jobs carried out by towing companies.

It is true that towing flatbed has many advantages making it the preferred method of towing in most cases, but it is important to know that sometimes dolly towing services are what’s called for. Dolly tow trucks are ideal for light duty jobs, they are smaller and more maneuverable when not loaded which means they can get there faster.

We at Bridgeport Towing Services know how to exploit the advantages of dolly towing, so that those who need a tow in or around the Connecticut can benefit from them.


Because dolly towing services are, in most cases, the cheaper option it is a shame not to use them when they can provide a fitting solution. At Bridgeport Towing Services we will know if dolly towing are what’s called for in your case, will give you a quote accordingly and use a dolly tow truck to carry out the tow you need.

When You Need a Flatbed Tow, Winching, and Dolly Services, Let Bridgeport Towing Services Know.

Contact us today, and we’ll be on our way.


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